Behold This Cool Discounted Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Bundle


The PlayStation 5 has another special edition bundle thanks to the impending release of Kaiju battle simulator Final Fantasy XVI. The good news is it’ll save you $10. The bad news is the limited-edition design cover and DualSense controller are only coming to Japan.

You would think, decades after Final Fantasy cemented itself as one of the definitive role-playing series throughout the world, that Square Enix would have more faith and bring the special edition state-side. Unfortunately, “limited quantities” will only be available in the publisher’s home country beginning June 22 (the same day the game comes out). You can still try to order them abroad but they don’t ship to the U.S. Given the recent headache around trying to get physical copies of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection, I also wouldn’t hold my breath.

Still, it looks pretty neat, especially the DualSense:

Image: Square Enix

A PS5 cover displays a piece of limited edition FFXVI art.

Image: Square Enix

What you can get in the U.S. is the Final Fantasy XVI PS5 bundle which includes a standard console sans special cover, white DualSense, and the game itself for $560, which is $10 less than if you bought the $70 game separately. The bundle, which also ships June 22, is up for sale starting today.

A promotional image shows the vanilla PS5 FFXVI bundle.

Image: Square Enix

Again, it’s just a standard console and Sony has recently said it plans to sell 25 million more of them this year, so you probably won’t have trouble getting one (also the God of War Ragnarök bundle is still just $510 until May 15).

Considering Sony and Square Enix’s long history together, the Final Fantasy-themed PlayStation consoles have occasionally been very cool. The Final Fantasy XV PS4 was decent, and the Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2-themed PS3s were exceptional. Since the PS5 has easily swapped cover plates, it would be great to see more publishers take advantage of them with special designs (that aren’t just sold in Japan).


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