Stars on Mars: The celebrities sent to fake Mars in new reality show


It’s not easy to keep up with the increasingly deranged appetite for reality TV shows, especially when those shows include celebrities as contests. But in an attempt to chase down the weirdest possible contests, Fox has committed to sending a dozen of the most random celebrities imaginable to fake Mars to complete for William Shatner’s approval in the new reality show Stars on Mars.

The series full list of contests:

  • Lance Armstrong — Legendary cyclist with a tarnished reputation after doping scandal
  • Natasha Leggero — Comedian
  • Marshawn Lynch — Former NFL player
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse — Actor
  • Adam Rippon — Olympic figure skater
  • Ronda Rousey — Wrestler and former UFC fighter
  • Tom Schwartz — Television personality
  • Richard Sherman — Former NFL player
  • Tinashe — Musician
  • Porsha Williams Guobadia — Television personality
  • Tallulah Willis — Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter
  • Ariel Williams — Actor

Meanwhile, William Shatner will play the role of mission control. It’s not clear at all what any of these celebrities have in common besides fame, which is exactly how all celebrity reality shows should be cast.

The show will task its contestants with colonizing and conquering a fake Mars in competitions that will slowly eliminate participants until only one remains. What exactly these competitions might be, and how exactly they might relate to Mars is unclear so far. One thing we do know is that the show’s contestants will be eliminated via votes, which means that the victor of fake Mars will be decided by social competition just as much as physical competition.

While it is strange that the goal of the series is ostensibly to decide which celebrity we’re going to maroon in solitude on Mars forever, maybe if the show stays on for enough seasons we can eventually send 12 random famous people to real Mars for a social Hunger Games.

Stars on Mars will debut on Fox starting on June 5.

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