You’re A Car With Legs For Wheels In This New Game, Out Now


Are you TIRE-d of all those old-fashioned racing games that force you to use rubber wheels like a peasant? Well, we’ve got good news, as Apple Arcade’s new title What The Car? takes the next logical step and straps a pair of legs onto a car.

Crafted by the developers of What The Golf? and What The Bat?, What The Car? launched as part of a slate of 20 new games for Apple Arcade. The expansion includes already-popular App Store games like Temple Run, Limbo, and PPKP, but also a number of new games. One of those is TMNT Splintered Fate, a top-down roguelike that is quite reminiscent of Supergiant Games’ Hades.

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Other games included in the package are Disney’s Spellstruck, a crossword-style word game; Cityscapes: Sim Builder, a mobile take on the city builder genre; Farming Simulator 20, a mobile version of the acclaimed simulation series; and Kingdom Two Crowns, described as a side-scrolling strategy game. There’s also Chess Universe, Disney Coloring World, Disney Getaway Blast, Getting Over It, Limbo, and many others.

Apple Arcade is a mobile subscription service available to those who own an Apple device. It costs $5 a month.

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