Collector Finds GameCube Apparently Used For SpaceWorld 2000 Reveal


One of the original GameCubes first shown off at the console’s reveal at Space World 2000 apparently has been found.

Console reveals tend to be a little bit more lowkey compared to what they used to be, especially if you’re looking at the GameCube’s slightly infamous reveal at an event a lot of you probably don’t remember: Space World. The event was an annual trade show hosted by Nintendo for over a decade, and in the year 2000 it revealed both the Game Boy Advance and the GameCube. Now, as reported by Kotaku, it seems that one of the original models first shown off at the GameCube’s reveal has been purchased by a collector, offering a unique look at a piece of gaming history.

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Collectors have been after one of these for years, and Consolevariations finally managed to snag one after a member of its Discord alerted it to “a certain prototype GameCube that was for sale.” This apparently ended up being one of the models that was used as part of the reveal at Space World, though it should be noted the console itself isn’t actually functional. It’s literally just the casing and all the electronics that make the LEDs light up.

Image Source: Consolevariations

Consolevariations highlighted some of the differences between the casing for this original model and the retail one that was released a year later, which are subtle enough that someone who hasn’t seen a GameCube in a while probably wouldn’t notice. But for the most part it’s the same purple cube we all know and love.

The GameCube’s reveal is quite notable in the history of console reveals, mostly because it’s a bit odd, but it certainly is a memorable one.

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