The Xbox 360 gamepad is back, and you can pre-order it now


Announced in late 2022, Hyperkin’s officially licensed revival of the Xbox 360 controller is now available for pre-order. The $49.99 Xenon, named after the Xbox 360’s codename, will launch on June 6 in four colors: white, black, pink, or red. It’s already got me thinking back to when Elijah Wood debuted the Xbox 360 on MTV in 2005. This release comes from the same company that resurrected the gigantic “Duke” original Xbox controller, complete with an animating screen in the middle.

The Xenon may look like the original Xbox 360 gamepad, but it has modern features, like precision analog triggers, support for the Xbox Series X and Windows PC, a share button for snapping game clips, a headphone jack, and a detachable 10-foot USB-C cable. Yep, it’s wired. That fact might understandably disappoint some people, but it seems like a solid controller nevertheless.

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