Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 2: Every Season 3 Reloaded Submachine Gun ranked


Published: 2023-05-16T18:43:09

Updated: 2023-05-16T18:43:13

SMGs are the ideal Modern Warfare 2 weapon for speeding around maps and taking close-range fights in Call of Duty. We’ve ranked every MW2 SMG to reveal the best choices in Season 3 Reloaded.

As Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded rolls on, there are over 60 weapons to unlock and level up, and Submachine Guns are as powerful as ever. If you’re the kind of CoD player that likes to dart around the map and get in players’ faces, then an SMG is the weapon for you.

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Luckily, there isn’t a single SMG in Modern Warfare 2 that’s particularly bad, but there are some that are much better than the rest. With that in mind, we’re ranking every Modern Warfare 2 SMG in the game, revealing the best choices for your play style after the Season 3 Reloaded update brought buffs and nerfs.

Best Modern Warfare 2 SMGs ranked list

Modern Warfare 2 player using FSS Hurricane SMGActivision

Modern Warfare 2 SMGs are perfect for close-range gunfights.

Before we break down every Modern Warfare 2 SMG, we’ve ranked every Submachine Gun from best to worst in Season 3 Reloaded:

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  1. Vaznev-9K
  2. Lachmann Sub
  3. BAS-P
  4. VEL 46
  5. Fennec 45
  6. PDSW 528
  7. FSS Hurricane
  8. Minibak
  9. MX9

Best Modern Warfare 2 SMGs

9. MX9

MX9 in modern warfare 2Activision

While the MX9 isn’t an awful weapon, it’s outclassed by other SMGs.

Unfortunately, we’ve ranked the MX9 as the worst SMG in Modern Warfare 2 because of its low damage-per-mag and lack of versatility.

Like any SMG in this list, the MX9 will deal a lot of damage at close range but it steadily drops off until it’s simply unusable. You’ll still be able to perform well with the MX9 but any other SMG on this list will be a better option.

8. Minibak

minibak in modern warfare 2Activision

Modern Warfare 2’s Minibak suffers from the same problem as the MX9, where it sees a major damage drop-off, and it’s not very effective at close-range either.

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The Minibak’s time to kill (TTK) stays on par with the other SMGs until about 30 meters, when it completely falls off and will be even worse than the MX9. But its close-range damage is slightly better and it has a large magazine, so stick to smaller maps, and you won’t feel like you’re at a major disadvantage.

7. FSS Hurricane

fss hurricane in modern warfare 2Activision

The FSS Hurricane has failed to set MW2 ablaze since launch.

The FSS Hurricane is one of the best weapons you can use when just starting out in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, but it’s not as appealing in Season 3 Reloaded.

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The Hurricane excels thanks to its large mag and high bullet velocity, but the damage just isn’t on par with some of the other SMGs in this list. But, because it’s so easy to use it’ll suit any playstyle in Modern Warfare 2.

6. PDSW 528

PDSW 528 P90 in Modern Warfare 2Activision

The PDSW 528 is modeled after the iconic P90.

The PDSW 528 P90 became a top contender as soon as it was in the hands of Modern Warfare 2 players, and it has remained a solid option throughout Season 3 Reloaded.

Thanks to a TTK that’s right up there with the other great choices on this list, the PDSW 528 dominates with its high mobility, low recoil, and fast bullet velocity. You’ll be able to dart around the map, taking advantage of its quick aim down sight speed to instantly get the upper hand, and it’ll feel like hitscan because of the velocity.

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5. Fennec 45

fennec 45 in Modern Warfare 2Activision

The Fennec is difficult to control at times, but it’s a powerful option at number 5.

If you’re looking for a fast-killing SMG that simply deletes players, then look no further than Modern Warfare 2’s Fennec 45.

Similar to its Warzone version, the Fennec uses its blisteringly high fire rate to kill players in an instant. However, you may find that the weapon is difficult to control, given its obnoxious kick.

4. VEL 46 (MP7)

VEL 46 in Modern Warfare 2Activision

The VEL 46 is the MP7 of Modern Warfare 2, and it will serve you extremely well in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. This underrated SMG rose up the ranks in Season 2 Reloaded, but Season 3 nerfs to its headshot damage have resulted in a slight drop.

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Luckily, the VEL 46’s previous buff to close-range damage was left untouched in Season 3 Reloaded, keeping it within the top 5 SMGs in MW2.

3. BAS-P


Season 3 Reloaded buffs see the BAS-P rise up the ranks.

The most recent addition to the SMG category arrived in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 as the BAS-P SMG debuted. This weapon came in strong, featuring a very fast fire rate with low recoil, which is a deadly combination.

Following a series of consecutive buffs from Season 2 Reloaded to Season 3 Reloaded, it’s here to claim the third spot. Previously, the BAS-P was a considerable distance away from the top options on this list, but recent buffs to its damage range and ADS move speed have closed the gap.

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2. Lachmann Sub

Lachmann Sub in Modern Warfare 2Activision

The classic MP5 has been a fan-favorite SMG in almost every Call of Duty game it’s been in, and Modern Warfare 2’s Lachmann Sub continues the trend.

The Lachmann Sub is a top-tier SMG, having low recoil, great mobility, and a fantastic TTK at close range. The SMG will feel familiar and easy to use in the hands of Modern Warfare 2 players.

We previously had it ranked as the best SMG until Season 2 Reloaded nerfs to its movement speed and ADS speed knocked it back one spot.

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1. Vaznev-9K – Best SMG in Modern Warfare 2

Vaznev 9k in modern warfare 2Activision

In Season 3 Reloaded of Modern Warfare 2, the Vaznev-9k is the best Submachine Gun around. Despite the fact that it received a slight damage range nerf, the Vaznev’s consistency keeps the weapon in the top spot.

Looking and feeling very similar to the Kastov-74u but faster, the Vaznev-9K is an incredibly dominant weapon at close range. With low recoil and a fast time to kill, it’s a great all-rounder that will dominate the SMG category at essentially any range.

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The Vaznev SMG is currently the number one option in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play, and the same can be said for multiplayer matches.

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