Diablo 4 Accessibility Options Revealed


Blizzard has revealed the accessibility options you can enable for its upcoming game Diablo IV. Features include character highlighting, audio cues, subtitles, and more.

Some of the accessibility options will include button remapping, a feature that allows you to customize your inputs on both controller and mouse and keyboard. With button remapping, you’ll be able to enable a feature that will no longer require you to press and hold a button for spellcasting, and there’ll also be persistent target lock, which ensures that your skills and weapons hit the intended target.

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In addition to button remapping, players will have the ability to alter subtitles. Even though subtitles are turned on by default, you can change the font color, scaling, and background. There’s even a speech-to-text option. With this, you can talk into your mic, and the game will transcribe what you said into the chat.

There’ll also be a wide variety of visual features. You can change the map size into three options and enable audio cues to help you find items. The audio cue feature can be altered, and if you only want the audio cue to work when a legendary item is near, you can change it to do so. This feature will also work whenever a dead enemy drops loot.

Another accessibility feature you can take advantage of is the screen reader. This feature supports JAWS, NVDA, and other third-party screen-reading software. When this is turned on, players will have text on the screen read to them out loud, and there’s an option to adjust the volume, speed, and type of voice reading to them. Lastly, you’ll be able to highlight players, enemies, and items to make it easier to spot them during combat.

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