You can download ChatGPT on iOS for free right now


OpenAI, the company behind the wildly popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, announced on Thursday the launch of an iOS app — the first official mobile application of ChatGPT — with an Android version due to release “soon.” OpenAI CTO Mira Murati announced via Twitter that the app is now available in the U.S. and is due to release across the world in the coming weeks.

Since launching back in November of last year as a free browser-based program, ChatGPT says it has amassed over 100 million users who have found dozens of surprising (and concerning) ways of making use of it, from cheating on college essays and debugging code to developing video games and writing fan-fiction. Since then, OpenAI launched a premium subscription for the program, ChatGPT Plus, which offers priority access and responses generated with ChatGPT’s latest language model for $20 a month.

As Polygon’s Nicole Carpenter wrote last month, ChatGPT is currently the best-known example of a “large multimodal model” AI, considered groundbreaking for its ability to not only learn from its own database of information but from human feedback. While the app is certainly impressive, it’s worth noting the ongoing privacy concerns while using ChatGPT and the app’s tendency to authoritatively deliver fabricated information. Just like any other machine, turns out ChatGPT is only as reliable as the people interacting with it.

The iOS app version of ChatGPT can be downloaded from the Apple iOS store.

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