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There’s nothing better than grabbing a comfy chair, a good book, and reading about the eternal war between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. If that’s the kind of afternoon you’re looking to have, then you can update your library with this meaty tome of arcane knowledge from the Diablo universe. Over on Amazon, the complete edition of the Diablo: Horadric Vault is now available to preorder for just $90 (down from $100). As a reminder, Amazon’s preorder guarantee allows you to order now and get the lowest price offered until release.

This edition collects the books of Cain, Tyrael, Adria, and Lorath, and combines them into one of Sanctuary’s best-sellers. At 632 pages total, there’s a lot of Diablo here. Th Book of Cain for example, contains notes and illustrations of the devilish going-ons in Sanctuary, and the Book of Tyrael reveals more secrets and the evil threats that have yet to face humanity.

Diablo: Horadric Vault

In Adria’s book, you can find an instructional guide that shows the ways of forbidden magic and arcane knowledge about the demons, beasts, risen dead, and angels, while Lorath’s book–which hasn’t been released yet– is focused on ancient Horadrim relics. Combined, all four books provide one of the most comprehensive guides to Diablo and its lore. Alternatively you can buy several of these books on their own, in case you already purchased the older ones.

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